Doug and Debbie Carragher - Armed Forces Baptist Missions

Jeff & Robbin Demarest - South Africa
Sam & Justine Knickerbocker - Church Planters in Wilmington, DE
John & Marilyn Lawrence - Jewish People, USA
Glenn & Charlotte Palmer - England
Stephen & Veronica Poindexter - Togo, West Africa
Eddie & Marta Ray - Far East
John & Dottie Rohrer - Church Planters, USA

Jose and Marisol Santos - Church planters in Plainfield, NJ

Chris & Carol Shull - Greenland

Doug & Donna Stamper - Kenya

Brad and Deborah Wells - Church planters on Capitol Hill

Ron & Edie Todd - Costa Rica
Ian & Fan Brown - Church planters in Boston, MA

If you are a missionary seeking support or a meeting, please send an email to missions.fbcgeorgetown@gmail.com.